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[IP] virus alert - not caught by antivirus programs

>>>Dear Everyone,
" I just got this message from a contact. Sure enough my address book was
infected, which means yours will be also. I have the fix below (it's easy).
My  very updated Norton Antivirus checker did not catch it. The virus
(called jdbgmgr.exe) is not detected by Norton or McAfee anti-virus systems.

Please check:

And PLEASE, people - before you send a post with anyone in the *Courtesy
Copy* (Cc:) LEARN TO USE Bcc: (Blind courtesy copy). When you give us your
friends' addys, you are exposing them to about 4,000 others on the 'net. I
hope *I* am not in your address book and you are sharing my addy with
others!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr  :(((((

Jan - who doesn't know all that much about PCs, but learned Bcc: within the
first month or so, and learned to NOT pass on posts that tell me to pass it
on to others, and check them out on a Hoax site - even those saying if I
love the Lord I will. My salvation never depended on sending e-mails. YMMV
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