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[IP] Re:Donations to the group

I haven't been keeping up with the list to to various responsibilities and it 
has been a long time since I've posted, but this one caught my eye....I agree 
this seems surprising, especially considering the tax-deductible nature of 
donations. But, that said, I am not surprised. I would like to see donations 
from other companies to IP and to other diabetes-related causes. Myself and 
several others participating in diabetes fundraisers that involve publicity 
and exposure for pump products have asked our respective pump companies for 
donations to no avail. I know one person who received a donation. While a 
donation certainly is not required or cannot be expected of any company or 
individual, I would think it wouldn't hurt these companies to kick in a 
donation for a customer who is out there working for the cause or for IP for 
that matter. 
Just my 2 cents.

In a message dated 5/22/02 2:14:27 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I find it kind of facinating.  The only sponsors of IP are Novo (who makes 
the only FDA approved pump freindly insulin) and Minimed (who makes the 
majority of pumps made in US).

With the number of reps we have from other companies on board (the three 
other pump companies and some other people from pump freindly companies) why 
can't they convince they're companies to help out IP more.  THEY certainly 
get a lot of exposure (and free sales help) on this list.  And they 
certainly feel it is worthwhile to sponsor monthly chats and have their reps 
on line. >>
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