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Re: [IP] Pregnancy/Homebirth Question - OT

Homebirth midwives (whether they are CNM, CM, lay
midwife, LM, DEM) won't deliver you at home if you are
on insulin, period. Most will deliver a gestational
diabetic at home *only* if she is diet/exercise
controlled. If insulin becomes necessary, care is
referred out to a dr/hospital, sometimes with midwife
acting as doula. A high risk pregnancy is always best
followed by an obstetrician or perinatologist (and I
think a midwife serving as doula would be a great idea
in this situation). A certified nurse midwife who works
in an OB practice might even be able to do some of the
routine prenatal care but I don't know for sure (I have
*no* idea if they could deliver a diabetic with an
otherwise normal pregnancy in a hospital setting where
an OB would be present. I'm betting *not*, as diabetic
pregnancies are automatically considered high risk.)

I had my last three babies at home and loved it (the
first five were born in the hospital with either a
midwife, family practice dr, or an OB in attendance).
There were no epidurals or pain meds (didn't get them
in the hospital either - not by choice though - til #5
when I refused to be induced again without pain meds).
I spent a lot of time in the shower or tub with lots of
hot water (also walked, rocked, sat on a birth ball,
etc). ;) Labors were painful but really only the last
hour or so was killer.

take care, Kerri (whose last baby really should've
counted as 2 as he was a whopper at 11 lbs, already
more than half as tall as his mama now at 14mos -
mama=62" tall, baby=32" tall!)  ;)

Gina said:
When I was pregnant with my daughter (back in
1998-1999) i wanted to use a midwife but they would not
do a home birth because of the diabetes and I was
considered a high risk pregnancy even before I got

As I understand, if there are any risks with the
mother's health or any questions, the midwife will only
act as a doula for the mother.  They like to do ALL
natural birth, no epidural no painkillers.  They allow
you to walk around until the time of delivery, allow
you to sit in a chair or however is most comfortable.

I had to go for the epidural because when I was dialted
to 4-5 cm I was in the WORST pain of my life!!!  If
ever I have another baby - it will be a
planned c-section!!!

mommy to Jordynn who is now 3
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