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[IP] Insurance help needed...

On 5/22/02 6:35 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> - --- Ashley <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> I asked this before, but didn't get a response.  I
>> have alliance blue cross
>> blue shield.  I pay 400
> Dearest Ashley, What a drain for you.  I realize how
> fortunate I am to have such good coverage where I
> work.  I went a long time without insurance and that
> certainly perpetuated poor care on my part.  I
> couldn't afford to test very much or even to see a
> doctor.
> In my state of MN we have a plan called MN Care that
> is fairly inexpensive, although I have never used it.
> I am wondering if your state has the same?  You did
> not mention how much longer you would be in school or
> if you planned on getting a full time position upon
> graduation.  More than likely you may have to wait due
> to your "pre-existing" condition, although this has
> never been a requirement for my Blue Cross insurance.
> This might sound strange, but have you looked into the
> Salvation Army?  lol, not joining, but utilizing their
> free clinics, staffed by volunteer docs.  You may be
> able to get some Rx help there as well as routine
> exams.  My heart goes out to you.  I vow that someday
> when I am able, I will offer up support for others in
> situations similar to yours.  It is very hard to be a
> diabetic and not have the $$ available to get good
> care.  God Bless.  Cynthia

Also the Social Security Admin runs a program in some states called MSI.
Medical Services for the indigent.  Many of the 'working poor' use this
service for rudimentary healthcare needs.

Also another option is at www.needymeds.com I believe, they will help get
low cost meds to you. MSI would pay for the Rx's...Not sure of pump
supplies, but there are many pumpers on this list who may be able to help
out occasionally.

Also check out this website for help too.

It is the Diabetes Angel Network. They can always use donations of BG
testing supplies, Check them out if you are clearing out your closet...<G>
but they help many folks with the things they get..

Jenny Sutherland
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email @ redacted
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