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Re: [IP] Complications

>>>This is the doctor who, when I first saw him 10 years ago, said he did
NOT believe in pump therapy, but that he would support me in any way he
could.  This is before the DCCT (i think that's what it was called?) study
came out.  He has changed a lot since then, and
I know he does prescribe pumps now! <snip>

The DCCT (Diabetic Complications and Control Trial) ended in 1992.

When I had DM 29 years the eyeologist said since I didn't have retinopathy
by then, I would not get it. Guess what! At 43 years my vision went from
20/30 with correction to 20/400 with correction within 5 weeks. Yep,
retinopathy. PTL I now have 20/25 without correction and 20/20 with. Whew!!
YMMV (~_^)

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