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Re: [IP] Priming after disconnecting...

<snip>  i'm probably away from my pump for about half an hour.  my basal at
that time is
.9, so i miss about .5 or so. <snip> ~kim.>>>


I disconnect only when I'm preparing for a changeout so can't help you on
your reconnect question. The way to tell if the amount of basal you missed
to is enough for YOU, is to look at the total daily dose when you
disconnect, then when you do what you have to do to get together, look again
at your total daily dose and see just how much you missed. Prime that amount
(with whatever you need to for reconnecting) and you should be fine.

However, if you shower at the same time same length everyday, you really
don't know if your basal is set correctly and this interrupts it. Could you
do a basal test sometime during your usual shower time and shower later or
the night before and see if your BG remains stable? It may also be that you
need a higher basal a couple of hours before this *high* time - perhaps you
have dawn phenomenon? (~_^)

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