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[IP] Complications

My doctor has a pretty positive attitude about my
diabetes.  I asked him recently if he thought I would
live to a ripe old age.  (I am 49 years old and was
diagnosed at the age of 11.  I have no complications.)

He said of course there are no guarantees, but he
didn't see why I couldn't live to be old.  

This is the doctor who, when I first saw him 10 years
ago, said he did NOT believe in pump therapy, but that
he would support me in any way he could.  This is
before the DCCT (i think that's what it was called?)
study came out.  He has changed a lot since then, and
I know he does prescribe pumps now!

I was already a pumper when I came to him.  Since that
time he has prescribed 2 new pumps for me, and he is
very impressed with my results.  He does not ask me
very much about my basals or anything that I do, just
checks my feet and eyes and does a Hemoglobin A1Cs,
which are usually 6. something.

This doctor is also very supportive of my very lowfat
vegan diet and my recent change to doing much more

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that there are
doctors who are positive about the possibility of
living a long life without complications.  

I do know that eventually I will probably get some
complications, but I want to avoid that as long as


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