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[IP] Priming after disconnecting...

Hi everyone...

well, i've been on the pump for about three weeks or so so far.  going well 
so far.  (the clicking is noticeable on my quiet floor at work, and every 
once in a while i've seen people look around the room, looking for where the 
noise came from... hehe...).  although, every night at about 10 p.m. i start 
feeling guilty for "skipping" my night time NPH shot...  (kind of like 
amputees get pains in their "feet"...).

anyways, it's going well.  i'm working on perfecting my basals currently.  
question for everyone - i take long showers and i disconnect for them.  i'm 
probably away from my pump for about half an hour.  my basal at that time is 
.9, so i miss about .5 or so.  i do not suspend.  i've heard people mention 
priming after being disconnected, usually .5 units.  is this to fill up the 
slack created in the cannula, or to cover missed insulin?  i have been 
having consistent highs right after my shower each morning, that i am 
convinced is a result of being disconnected.  i've tried priming .5 right 
after re-connecting, but it's not fixing the problem.  should i be priming 

appreciate the help!!


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