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Re: [IP] nasea anyone

Yes.  I feel ill after a heavy meal, but it usually only takes an hour or so
before I feel bad.  On this same topic.  Last night I had fried fish
(Yuk!) - I bolused for my meal (straight), but five hours later I was
running 400 mg/dl.  Should I have bolused using the Dual feature or Square
feature to cover this.  Does fried food cause anyone else problems like this
or is it just one of those unexplained highs?


> Just wondering if anyone after digesting a heavy meat meal feels nauseated
> hours later from the meal.  I have noticed that lately when i eat heavy
> or steak meals i feel sick 6-8 hours later>  Symptoms of nasea and
> cold sweats or just feels sick like want to throw up.  Don't understand
> why.. anyone else feel this way?
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