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Re:[IP] nasea anyone

Jacob and Bridget <email @ redacted> wrote:
Just wondering if anyone after digesting a heavy meat meal
feels nauseated
hours later from the meal.  I have noticed that lately when
i eat heavy meat
or steak meals i feel sick 6-8 hours later>  Symptoms of
nasea and sometimes
cold sweats or just feels sick like want to throw up. 
Don't understand
why.. anyone else feel this way?

Hope that this would not be the case, but you may want to
examine the possibility of gastroparesis. You described my
symptoms before I was formally disgnosed... nauseated,
bloated, cold sweats - all related to the fact that my
stomach was no longer digesting the food properly, and it
was sitting in my stomach.

As another pumper asked: Do you check you BG when you are
nauseous? Is your blood sugar high? Is it low? 

>From my experience, any heavy meal rich in fat, fiber, or
red meat will cause the gastroparesis to act up. I take a
drug that helps the motility in my stomach to push the food

So, you may want to check your BGs more frequently to see
if the cause of your nausea is BG or stomach related.

Hope this helps...


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