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Re: [IP] Tips for the Parents of Young Children Using an Insulin Pump

These types of 'tips' written to be thought of as a general order on how 
things should be is totally wrong.  For someone to say that kids or those 
with small amounts of fatty tissue 'should' use Tenders/Silouettes and to use 
them in certain areas because that is best...well that is NOT sound advice.  
We could not even STAND the Tenders when Josh started pumping 2.5 years ago.  
He is VERY skinny and has been having the BEST life since going with the 
straight in Sof-sets/Quick Sets type of set.  We rotate between his upper 
hiney and his tummy area.  As for the rest of it I suppose it is fairly sound 
advice.  But like with everything else about this disease YMMV should be 
taken into consideration.  People need to know that they have choices, about 
pump brands, styles, set styles and should NEVER be told which style is best 
for them.  Only the person that is going to be wearing it can make that 
decision.  These 'professionals' need to step back and start giving the 
patient choices and know that they are capable of making the right choice for 
themselves.  And if not the patient then the parent!!

mom to Joshua
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