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[IP] re: forgetting to bolus at meals

I've thought about chiming in on this subject before but didn't . I will test
my blood right before eating something and bolus if it's high, then go eat and
for get to bolus for the food. If I'm 100 % sure I'm going to eat everything
I'll bolus before I eat to avoid that problem. I've done that before and not
eaten everything and done a nose dive. With me it certainly isn't a case of
denial, or just not bolusing. I carry my pump in my front pocket & sometimes
I'll take it & stick in my waistband as a reminder. Although that idea doesn't
always work, the last time the pump slipped out and the cat was right there
waiting to jump on that line and pulled the whole site out. So it's not just
the teens that have this problem.
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