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[IP] Forgetting to bolus for meals

If anyone finds something to help a teenager to remember to bolus for a meal,
PLEASE clue me in.  I'm 40 and forget!  I never bolus until after my meal...
why?  I manage a restaurant and it never fails, when I sit down to eat
something happens and I have to get up.  By the time I get back to my meal (if
I get back) it's cold and I have lost my interest in it.  Then I forget to
bolus for what I did eat and a few hours later I wonder why I feel like I'm
dragging a ball and chain. I'll check my BG and realize that once again.... I
forgot.  Then it takes hours to get it back down to where it should be and by
that time I'm really hungry and it's 2AM and I raid the fridge at home.
Regards, Tina
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