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Re: [IP] Forgetting to bolus at meals...

>>> I can't imagine not remembering to bolus, but if I was a pre-teen living
with this disease, I might just be angry enough to have a case of "selective
memory"... <snip> >>>

hmmmmm - I recently made a list of my DM routine to hand to those *caring*
nurses who tell me *you can do it* when they add something else on. I have
/still often forget to bolus. There is so much to do, so much to handle.
Teens, too, have a life and can get busy - however, it is her life and she
suffers for those highs so that will help remember sooner or later. If I'm
with other people and we get to talking when the food comes (teenagers talk,
too <gr>) it is so easy to eat and chat without thinking of other important

This list I made, I'm printing it and the next nurse who makes a comment I'm
going to hand it to her and say, "Follow this and report to me when I come
back for my next appointment (one month). Bet it can't be followed through.
We were told we could live normal lives - this ain't normal. (~_^)

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