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[IP] answers to glucowatch questions

Answers to some glucowatch questions posted to the list: 

After an alarm alerts me to high BG, I turn off the alarm and then 20
minutes later when it takes another reading, it alarms again because of
course the insulin hasn't had time to bring my bg down, and the glucowatch
has that 20 minute delay anyway.  It continues to alarm at every 20 minute
interval until the bg is down.

Same thing with a low.  But perhaps your concern is that the alarm is
really annoying -- you just hit one button and the alarm stops.  I've not
found the alarms to be a pain.  It's no more annoying than the beep as I'm
bolusing my pump.

I have not contacted my insurance company yet, to ask them to pay for the
watch and supplies.  I wrote to this list, hoping to get suggestions on
how to approach the company, but nobody responded.  I would think the
reasoning is similar to getting an insulin pump paid for by an annoying
insurance company.

I've found the watch to be reasonably accurate, but mostly accurate in
terms of trends.  It showed me having a 40 bg when I really had a 110 bg,
that was my most outlandish number.  But it has saved me from one low, and
alerted me that I was extremely high at night when my infusion set pulled
out.  I'm happy with it, and looking forward to the next gen coming out in
three months (complimentary to the people who buy the first gen).  

I have had irritation at the site.  There's also some burning during the
warmup period.  The irritation is like a few tiny pimples after you remove
the watch.  Kind of like a pump site, only smaller.  Cygnus recommended
hydrocortisone to me, but I haven't gotten any yet.  They were right that
the first day was the worst and then your body somehow adjusts to wearing
it, and it's not as uncomfortable after that.  

More questions?  I'm happy to answer.  THis is sooo high tech!


Miranda Miller
Society of American Magicians, Assembly 252
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