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Re: [IP] glucowatch question for users

> For those of you using a glucowatch:  What happens with the alarms, during
> the period after a high BG has been detected and you've bolused your
> correction, but the insulin hasn't had time to reduce your BG levels down
> enough to get below the alarm level . . . does it just keep alarming or

Sorry for the delay. It took a while to test this.

The alarm continues until you acknowledge it (by pressing a button). If the
reading is still low (or high) when the next measurement is made (20 minutes
latter) then the alarm goes off again. Presumably this continues until your
BG is back in range. The same thing happens with perspiration. If you are
sweating (and it does not take very much) then the alarm has to be
acknowledged every 20 minutes.

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