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[IP] Re: long-termers who have avoided complications

> thanks for sharing!  It really helps this pumpmama to hear from longtime
> DMers who have had success in avoiding complications.  I know know how
> important control is in the equation and also know that genetics are part
> it all, too . . . but it helps to know that if you are dilligent about
> control and lucky enough to get good genes, complications aren't
> Lyndy
> Pumpmama to Katie
> - ----------------------------------------------------------

Please keep in mind, all the long-termers had the same *tools* *back then*
as we all did: pee tests (and individuals' thresholds varied) and one shot a
day mostly of mixed insulins. Is it really *their* success in avoiding
complications?  I wonder? A lab test for BG once every 1- 3 months was
hardly accurate determination. There was no ketone testing, no A1c's, no
nothing. If we had a hypo, was it our bodies fooling us into a false low or
a *real* low? Even today I hear from people who have been living in the
upper 200s-400s regularly and if they hit a 150 they get shaky and have to
have carbs. Striving was possible back then, but there was no clue as to if
it was working. Some of this *is* the luck of the gene pool. If we don't die
from complications, surprise! it will be from something else. ;)

Oh, - and to the person who asked if it was inevitable we die from DM
complications? No. We could get hit by a truck or burned in a fire or get
cancer which is completely unrelated to DM. There are cancer survivors, too,
but they will die of something - eventually. One hundred years from now it
won't make much difference. YMMV (~_^)

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