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[IP] Insurance help needed

I asked this before, but didn't get a response.  I have alliance blue cross
blue shield.  I pay 400 a month (I am a student and work part time so I
don't get benefits and have to get individual insurance) and when I get
prescriptions, I have to pay for them all out of my pocket and get
reimbursed 60 percent in months later.  Now, I use Novolog (50 dollars),
diovan (kidney protector because I am spilling protein and is $150!), and
wellbutrin (to help with anorexia).  I am completely drained financially and
I need help.  Can anyone recommend a good insurance plan?  Has anyone heard
of AAA (the auto club) health insurance?  I live in Missouri if that helps.
Any suggestions would really be appreciated.  Also, if you could cc: me at
email @ redacted, that would help too.
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