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[IP] Thank you to pumpers before me

Thank You

I thank you for my pump today
That I did not have yesterday
I remember when they first came out
Large, ugly and heavy, so I said, "no thanks."

Fifty-three years later, I said, "give it a chance"
I am now one happy camper who waited 
until things got "perfect" which they never do
I was a chicken to try it, I must admit.
But, talking to fellow diabetics is like being 
a member of a select club.

I thank you for this helpful web site and others
like it......but most of all, I thank the people who
had the nerve to try the pump before I did,
who made it possible 
for me to live a full live as a diabetic.

Thank You!!!!!

Merrilee Knoll
53 years as a diabetic
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