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[IP] Tips for Families of Young Children Using the MiniMed Monitor

Tips for Families of Young Children Using the MiniMed Monitor

by Francine Ratner Kaufman, MD, and Mary Halvorson, RN, MSN, CDE

1. Use a logbook to keep track of as much information about your child's 
daily activities, food patterns and insulin dosages as possible.

2. The more information you have captured, the more you can learn about the 
effect of exercise, the composition of meals and if your correction dose and 
basal and bolus doses of insulin are optimal.

3. Use the MiniMed monitor during the usual week and on one weekend or 
holiday to record any differences between usual and special occasions.

4. Be sure to secure the device, particularly the wire connecting the 
monitor to the sensor, or it will be pulled out during activities.

5. Involve your child with what is happening and tell her or him about the 

6. Use the MiniMed monitor as an indication of how your child might do with 
an insulin pump since the insertion and wearing of the catheter is similar 
to wearing a pump.

7. After you have made changes in your child's diabetes regimen, think about 
using the MiniMed monitor again to determine if these changes were 

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