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[IP] Tips for the Parents of Young Children Using an Insulin Pump

Tips for the Parents of Young Children Using an Insulin Pump

by Francine Ratner Kaufman, MD, and Mary Halvorson, RN, MSN, CDE

1. Give the meal-time bolus as the meal is being eaten, or just after it has 
been completed. This way the administration of insulin can be matched with 
what your child consumes, rather than what it is anticipated that he/she 
will eat. We recommend using rapid-acting analogues in the pump, such as 
Novolog or Humalog.

2. Use the Silouhette or Tender catheter that is inserted at a 33- to 
45-degree angle rather than the straight (soft-set)-it functions better in 
those with little fat.

3. Place the catheter in the upper hip or backside rather than the abdomen.

4. Use a secure, well-fitting belt device to hold the pump.

5. Empower your child to give simple answers to questions about the pump.

6. Monitor the blood-glucose level often-at least four to six times per 
day-and correct abnormal blood-sugar levels.

7. Check for ketones, either in the blood or urine, when the blood glucose 
has been elevated for three to four hours beyond your child's target range.

8. Don't put your child to sleep with an elevated blood-glucose level until 
you are assured that it has been corrected. An elevated blood-sugar level 
could be an indication that the delivery of insulin is not occurring.

9. Be sure your child remains comfortable with using the pump. Praise him or 
her for doing a good job, and do not put value judgments on glucose levels. 
Appreciate the advantages that the pump has to offer.

10. Be prepared to give disconnection doses when it is in your child's best 
interest not to wear the pump.

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