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[IP] re: Lauren (via Karen) the new 6 year old pumper

I've just gotten the Pumping Insulin bible and am starting to work out the
method it suggests, so I'm doing things backward..... but my 6 year old
daughter has been pumping for a year and a half now, and here is what works
for her and a 6 year old friend of hers.  Both girls have  a .2 basal most of
the day, with a .3 basal from 8-11 pm.  Thus, approximately 45% of their
insulin is through the basal.   My daughter also gets a .3 at 5:30 - 7:30 a.m.
because she tends to be insulin resistant in the morning (and I know it's not
a rebound because I test 3-4 nights a week at 3 am.).  Both girls' carb ratios
is about 1-20.  Hope this helps ...
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