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[IP] first A1C since pump start !! Yahoo !!

(I just needed to share with the group.  I do not post too often)
I am utterly amazed, how much my insulin pump has changed my life ... prepump 
A1C's were never, ever below 9.6 .... I went to my endo today and I am 
"astonished" with my A1C results ,..... three months of pumping and my A1C 
came back as : 6.6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!  
       I am speechless.. Thankgoodness my NPH days are over with .... gee 
whiz, no wonder why my previous A1C's were so bad, no more "rollercoaster" 
experiences, can control that wonderful "dawn phen", ( I am currently on 8 
different basal rates throughout the day ).. what a wonderful tool an insulin 
pump can provide for an individual living with the "beast" .... I know that 
there is a thread going on regarding " pump errors, failures and etc.. "... 
but, putting all those things aside .. an insulin pump no matter what brand a 
person is using can be the "potters clay" ... MDI days .. hope to never see 
them again ... 
Dx'd 1981, pumping 02/27/02
minimed 508
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