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Re: [IP] starting insulin ratio and correction factors

>Lauren, age 6 and dx'd 11/00, is wearing her pump with saline now, and we
>will start with insulin on Tuesday.  Our new CDE and her endo are
>suggesting a correction factor of 1:60, and an insulin to CHO ratio of
>1:10.  Her total daily dose is about 15-17 units now with injections.  I
>think 1:60 and 1:10 is way off.  By the rules of 1800 and 500, with 16
>units TDD she should be 1:113 correction and 1:31 insulin to CHO.
>Wouldn't 1:60 and 1:10 probably make her too low?  I'd like some opinions
>on this.  
>Either I need more lessons in algebra or the doctor and CDE do.
>Thanks in advance.

For Ian, age 4 1/2,  dx'd 5/00, pumping 7/01, we use a different ratio for
each meal.  Breakfast is 1:20, lunch 1:25 and dinner 1:38.   His total
daily dose is around 13U.  1:10 seems like a low place to start for a
6-year old - we were told better to start off too high and work our way
down, rather that start off fighting hypos.  

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