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Re: [IP] starting insulin ratio and correction factors

In a message dated 5/22/2002 9:54:52 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Her total daily dose is about 15-17 units now with injections.  I
>  think 1:60 and 1:10 is way off.  By the rules of 1800 and 500, with 16
>  units TDD she should be 1:113 correction and 1:31 insulin to CHO.
>  Wouldn't 1:60 and 1:10 probably make her too low?  I'd like some opinions
>  on this.  

Sure seems like it to me . . . my daughter started out with with 1:50 
correction factor (which is still what we use, though if reallu high we have 
to increase her dose somewhat) and has carb ratios for 1:12 (breakfast)  and 
1:20(everything else) with a TDD of 24 to 40 depending on whether she's got 
raging hormones that night or not (usually about 28 units a day) . . . When 
she started pumping a year ago her avg TDD was 22-25 and she started with a 
basal of about 11 units, a correction factor of 1:50 (which was what we had 
used on shots), and carb ratios of 1:15 and 1:30 . . . If it were my child, I 
would definitely want to start out erring on the side of letting them run 
high in the beginning than risk lows.  With pumping, it's A LOT easier and 
safer to fix highs than lows!

Just my 2 cents

Pumpmama to Katie
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