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[IP] Picking a pump

My first problem with MM was how aggressive they were.  I called them and
understood that they were going to check my insurance coverage, something
that another poster said they did well enough to warrant gifts of food.
This was indeed done well, and soon after, a 508 pump showed up at my door
with supplies.  I didn't even realize that I had chosen MM.  It's worked
okay, aside from the fact that the FDA somehow approved a medical device
without proper shielding from EM fields, something that blows me away (my
second complaint).  The 508 is apparently dependent on the leather/foil
case, which also prevents scanning by aliens from the Horse Head Nebula.
Twice mine crapped out because I wasn't using the prophylactic, and who
knows how many of my boluses are bouncing around the cosmos.

The unexpected bolus that I received last weekend is the third point of
contention.  Maybe no one uses the pump in 300u mode, termed extended mode,
which is apparently over-extended mode.  Has anyone else had this problem?
My doctor and CDE are thinking of reporting this to the FDA after I
demonstrated what happens when I move the nozzle sideways.

I have since looked at a sample Dtron and Animas pump at my CDE's office,
and was blown away.  The Dtron is a tank.  It's sturdy, holds 300u, and
every bit as programmable.  The Animas is also programmable and holds 300u,
is very sturdy with no door or potential for getting the reservoir pulled
out.  Both of these pumps are tested for static, and neither needs the
leather/foil prophylactic.  They make the 508 look like a K-car with
feaux-wood siding.

Right now I am looking to change to the waterproof Animas R-1000.  I'm not
picky; I just want the best product available, particularly when my health
is on the line.

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