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[IP] complications

email @ redacted writes:

> I don't know I guess it just seems a huge uphill battle and not a  lot of
> hope.  The last time I heard some hope on diabetes was when the DCCT trial
> came out...but even that is questionable.  Some people say NO matter what
> you will get complications and Die from diabetes...
> who to believe?

I refuse to believe everything is downhill with diabetes--I have been a type
1 for approx  37 years and no complications yet--I'm 72 (thats a dangerous
age??) and feel great travel a lot a lot out of the US --But I keep my blood
A1c below 6.7 -- I think attitude also helps a lot-- I test up to 10 times a
day to help catch those sneaky highs down.  So don't take diabetes as all
     Good control (below 6.8 A1c) is very important to keeping complications
    Hope this helps
email @ redacted
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Well everyone must die. 72 years is older than me, a mear kid at 65
I guess my kids telling me "Daddy you are older than dirt doesn't help" I
was a lousy patient until my awakening experience, a week in the ICU in
cardiogenic shock with a big blue tube down my throat and a balloon pump in
my aorta. Most of the time i was sedated with the milk of amnesia, propofol
which makes you kind of out of things. I had several other cardiac events
but none like ths one which was followed by a stroke. Got diabetes religion
quickly. also had several eye problems. 41 years of diabetes is bad for one.
my father who is 96 has had type 2 diabetes since he was 63. He wants to
know why he should test. you are lucky, you got the message early and did
something. My docs could not convince me to pump for years. I know that I am
among the majority of type 1 diabetics who had diabetes since early
adulthood or late puberty and think denial is a river in Egypt. spot
 A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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