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[IP] Minimed

Minimed has been nothing but TERRIFIC with us; great customer service; no 
hassle replacement of things; extra supplies at no charge and etc.  The woman 
who helped us get the insurance through and get the original pump got a huge 
Sees Candy basket gift from us.

The Paradigm is a wonderful pump (although we have only tried the 508) and we 
are very, very happy to have a loaner Paradigm already pumping away with 
Gabe...really, the pump works like a champ.

None of the above was relative to my original post.  I am worried about 
repeated pump failures because we totally rely and depend and love the pump.

I will let you all know why there was a "motor error", when I get a report 
from Minimed.

I was only trying to figure out if we did something to cause the problem so 
that we do not have it in the future...that is all.

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