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Re: [IP] refilling reservoirs, leaving in sites

To the best of my knowledge you can only refill the reservoir and leave in 
the site if you use a set that disconnects at the site.  I use Quick sets. 
I first disconnect the set at the site.  Then remove the reservoir from the 
pump, pull back on the plunger to pull the remaining insulin out of the 
tubing back into the reservoir, disconnect the reservoir from the tubing 
and refill the reservoir.  Re-prime the tubing as you usually 
would.  Reconnect the tubing at the site.

Tnx, Corky

At 06:10 AM 5/22/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I find when I try to refill the reservoir while
>leaving the site in that a huge air pocket begins to
>fill the tubing at the reservoir-end connection,
>sometimes filling up the length of the tubing. Folks
>who practice this, how do you keep that from
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