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RE: [IP] Heart Attacks and Diabetes

Hey people!
Why do you look at statistics???
If you look around you and talk to people, more and more people are getting
and dying from cancer each and every year.  Seems like no one gets to escape

And let's not forget that genes play an important role in what goes on in
our bodies as well as our lifestyles...

I have known diabetics who played entirely by the book and still had
complications and died from them.

I believe that if you live each day and try to do the healthy thing, you've
got as good a chance as the next guy and that who knows, you could get in a
car accident, or someone can hit you with a car, you can get shot by a stray
bullet or a car jacking or many of the other terrors that face us out

If we have faith, that's what we should stand by and trust in that and do
the best that we can.  No one is perfect and no one is immune to any of the
problems that can make us sick and kill us!

Just my 2 cents.

Kathy B.
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