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Re: [IP] Paridigm Upgrade unwarrented stomping on minimed

On 21 May 2002 at 21:22, WENDY MULLER wrote:

> My sister- in-law had a D-Tron for 5 years and just changed to the
> Paradigm and absolutly loves it, and I have heard no complaints from her
> concerning customer service compared to Disitronic either.

I presume you mean your sister-in-law had the H-tron.  The D-tron was introduced in April of 2000.   We are only in 2002 now, aren't we?  I trust I didn't pull a Rip-Van-
Winkle!     ;>)

> Thank goodness that we have choices now!!! 

Yes, thank goodness that we have so many options to choose from, and even more on the way.  Now, we just need to let those other diabetics out there learn from us that 
pumps are no longer the "experimental" medical therapy for DM or only for just the "severe" diabetics.  They can WORK for all Dmers!!!

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