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Re: [IP] Heart Attacks and Diabetes

Shannon (dx'd at 6) will be 12 in August and has been
on cholesterol meds since she was 9. Her total
cholesterol and LDL stayed high and HDL low despite
various dietary changes so it had to be done (they are
finally responding, slowly but surely). There is a
family history (on both sides of the family) of high
cholesterol, high bp, and early heart attacks - most of
those people were/are heavy smokers though, and many
drank a lot of alcohol (some were alcoholic). Not only
that but on my side there is also a history of various
kidney problems and aneurysms. Talk about the cards
being stacked against you! So...although this news
(that Jim presented) was not the best, it just means
we'll work that much harder to keep her as healthy as
possible. She may have more risk, but she is not doomed
(I refuse to believe that). I'll do my personal best to
make sure she has a long life ahead of her (as far as
the diabetes and health risks are concerned. The rest
is up to G-d.)

take care, Kerri
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