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RE: [IP] Choosing a Pump (was Any happy Paradigmers out there?)

On 21 May 2002 at 11:31, Scott Strumello wrote:

> To make sure that the decision is mine, I submitted insurance paperwork to all 3
> of the major pump companies and asked my doctor's office to hold requests from
> all of the pump companies until I've made a decision, this way there isn't an
> issue with insurance prep work and each company is on more or less equal footing
> (luckily, all 3 are considered in-network providers for my insurance company)  I
> highly recommend doing the same unless you've already decided on a particular
> pump. 

Do as my Animas rep. suggested.  On the "Assignment of Benefits" form, write the words  "For Benefit Assessment Only".  AND you should also cross out the sentence 
that reads "I authorize payment of medical benefits to..."   By taking these actions you will prevent receiving an unwanted pump if someone in your Doctors office were to let 
go of paperwork that they shouldn't.

George      :>)
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