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Re: [IP] Heart Attacks and Diabetes

> > Every positive or negative
> > lifestyle choice we make changes our statistics for everything.  I think
> > we can do, with diabetes or not, is make the most healthy choices we can
> > each situation and strive to make each day a healthy day.
> > Deirdre

And how many DMers on *this* list smoke? Certainly they are aware of lung
cancer, emphysema, and restricting arteries that are already in danger from
DM, yet they continue on and will it be that they, too, fear a heart
attack - or fear it enough to quit? We have all been given the list of
complications that *can* happen with DM, yet some continue to drink dark
colas, take NSAIDS, and other known products that can be health risks. These
complications are not inevitable, but they do still happen to some and it
may take awhile before they rear their ugly heads. Deirdre's post says it
well: make the most healthy choices. There are many more, and better tools
today in the DM world than ever before - take full advantage of the tools at
hand. (~_^)

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