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Re: [IP] New Paradigm konks out!!

>>Given the number of devices in use, I suspect the failure rate is pretty
> - and is probably very low for all manufacturers.
> Jim Handsfield
> .
Jim, I know you don't want to continue this thread, but you say "I suspect",
which means you don't know. I would simply like to know the failure rate of
each company. That would take the subject beyond anecdotal stories and the
fact that MM has 80% of the market. "Inquiring minds want to know," like
mine, before I get a Paradigm. And all those on the listserv who have to
decide from 3-4 companies might be interested in knowing before making a

The evidence on Honda vs. Yugo explains in large part the success of one vs.
the failure of the other. I guess what we need is a Consumer Reports for


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