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RE: [IP] Paradigm

>I reuse the reservoirs anyhow. When it gets low I just fill it up again
>and purge the air bubbles. I fill them about three times before
>discarding them, and I don't always change my infusion set when I change
>reservoirs...but I've only been pumping for three weeks, so I could be
>doing a major no-no.

Cody, What do you mean when you say you purge the air bubbles?  Does that 
require disconnecting from the pump?  (ie, priming the airbubbles through 
the tubing?)  Just wondering, because I have had the most horrendous luck 
with getting quick sets back on.  I have followed all the tips to no avial 
and have given up - I just stay connected all the time, which probably has 
its benefits.  But I think I might want to try refilling the reservior and 
keeping the same set in someday...


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