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[IP] Suggestion for wearing pump


I have a MM508 (and a 507 before that), and here's how I've worn mine for
the past 5 years:

I use the nylon cordura (not neoprene) zipper case from Minimed.  It comes
in gray, black, and dark green (last time I checked).  I cut a small
horizonatal (1/2") slit with an exacto knife in the  back of the zipper case
just above and to the side of the topmost portion of the clip.  I then run
the tubing from the inside of the case through that hole, then over the top
of my belt and down my trousers (and then to my site, obviously).

I leave a little bit of slack in the tubing inside the case with the pump so
that I have plenty when I want to take it out to bolus.

Using this technique, I have virtually no tubing showing at all, and hence
none to snag on anything or be looked at quizzically by co-workers, etc.
Your Paradigm would probably fit inside the zipper case just fine, although
the case itself is designed for a 508.

One last note: I initially used to wear my pump (inside it's zipper case) on
my hip like a regular (side-mounted) pager, until one day when I was
mountain biking and I crashed and landed on my side.  The pump survived, but
only because the zipper case contains a small amount of padding.  Since
then, I've been wearing it immediately above my front pocket, so that it's
better protected.  Probably looks a little odd, but I've never had any
trouble with harming it since then.

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