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Re: [IP] New Paradigm konks out!!

In a message dated 5/21/02 8:55:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> This will be my last post for this thread as it is quite clear to me that
> your mind is completely made up and that you will not hear reason at this
> point.  But others may benefit from a few more words.

Well, I guess you should write for others benefit, then; I am too 
"close-minded" to benefit.

I would not expect at new car, t.v., radio, washer, dryer, or other appliance 
to give out after two months for "no reason".  So it is not entirely unusual 
to be surprised and quite annoyed that the insulin pump did not last three 

Not terribly "close-minded."

As I stated before, I am very, very happy with the Paradigm itself and more 
than satisfied with MiniMed's customer service; a new Paradigm awaits Gabe 
already on the table; delivered overnight.

That does not remove my concern about the sudden and unexplainable failure of 
the first pump.

I guess I am too simplistic to understand.

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