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Re: [IP] Need Help Understanding 4 yr old actions

From: America Perez-Garcia
>>>My husband and I have noticed that when her #'s are in normal range she
behaves bad like she hits other kids and doesn't listen to the teacher, but
when her #'s are high or low she acts quiet and listens. <snip>America>>>

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest (since I do not know you nor
your dh nor dtr) that since she behaves bad when in a normal range, she's
behaving bad - perhaps due to frustration and loss of control of her body.

When she is *good* it's because her system is out of whack which would skew
her actions causing her to settle down. Children (DMers on not) need
discipline and will test their limits to see what they can get away with.
Guidelines need to be set and parenting needs to reign. It's sad if a 4 y/o
sets all the rules for two parents. If she is an only child, perhaps she
always gets her way and is acting it out on the other children in school. If
she has siblings, perhaps this is a jealous thing because of her condition
and she has people her own size to *bully*.

I'm not saying that IS what's happening in your home, just some observations
I see in life in general.

My 1/2 peso worth. (~_^)

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The peak years of mental activity are between the ages of four and 18. At
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