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[IP] Re: Potpourri of replies

> From: Barbara Pancari <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re: Jim and diabetic heart attacks
> This knowledge makes me want to stop testing, being careful with food,
> so that I can get it over with. Of what benefit is an improved ha1c if the
> body is doomed anyway?  What a disheartening statistic from an individual
> who provides such quality information to the Digest.
> Barbara

I recently found out I have an artery blockage and will undergo a
catheterization next week and that will more than likely shut my kidneys
down thrusting me directly into dialysis. The fistula I rec'd 10/01 is
ready. I am close to having a heart attack, and my family history of heart
attacks is off the scale on both sides - however, NO other DMers! I will
have the procedure, and the diet I read about yesterday
ht.htm is very disheartening - I'm already restricted on my potassium,
sodium, and fluid intakes - I guess it's only toasted cardboard with
cinnamon from then on.  BUT, I'm not going to pig out and die miserably.
Thanks, Jim, for giving us statistics - and I don't think many of the new
IPers know you work for the Centers For Disease Control since you haven't
been adding that addy with your messages. There, I informed them. (~_^)

> The only reason I can think of NOT to upgrade your 508s is if you use too
much insulin to manage
> with the smaller reservoir.  The most I have been able to fill it after
priming 42 inch tubing was
> 160.
> Linda

The above is definitely a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) situation. I WANT


> You can only speak about it ''being so ingrained'' as to preclude a
> with respect to yourself.
> The fact that HumaLog is not as good a
> choice as NovoLog for pump use had, i suppose, not yet been recognized
> they began designing the Paradox.
> Frank

Where is this *fact* documented?????? What makes Humalog not as good as
NovoLog???? Is this a self-presumed fact? Jim, will you look up those
statistics for us? TIA

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