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Re: [IP] Need Help Understanding 4 yr old actions

> Hi, Here I'am trying to understand something that we have started to
> notice with my 4 yr old daughter and since I know that members are
> so helpful I think I will try my concern here before I ask her endo.
> My husband and I have noticed that when her #'s are in normal range
> she behaves bad like she hits other kids and doesn't listen to the
> teacher, but when her #'s are high or low she acts quiet and
> listens. Is it the sugar in her body leveling out that makes her act
> like this or is it her being a child and needs some correction? I'm
> not trying to make excuses when she behaves bad, but I don't want to
> punish her for something she can't control. Thanks for the advice in
> advance America

What I've noticed about my daughter and what she notices about 
herself is that both her physical and mental performance deterioriate 
when she is either high or low. She has trouble concentrating and 
notices it herself more when high. When she's low she tends to get a 
little bitchy and emotional. For sports, if she's not in normal range 
she can not go as far, as fast, etc... Lily's a college freshman 
now and has been a pumper since '94 (age 11). She noticed these 
things even as a pre-teen.

I hate to say it, but maybe when your daughter is "in range" she is 
just behaving normally for her and when she's high or low she's zoned 

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