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Re: [IP] MiniMed 508 Questions....Priming, Case and Resevoir

In reply to Chance Fisher Mon, 20 May 2002 22:09:40 -0500, I have been using
bent needle infusion sets since July 1995 with the MM506 and MM508. I
switched to the bent needle QR shortly after they became available. (I like
the bent needle because it's not subject to kinking like all the plastic
cannulas are, and because I do a lot of bicycle riding.)

>I recently started using a MiniMed 508 and have several questions. First, I
>seem to have problems getting the pump in and out of the standard leather
>case without it ripping down the seam. I use the spring belt clip that came
>with the pump.  Are you suppose to take the pump in and out of the case with
>the belt clip on or are you suppose to take the belt clip off first?  And if
>so,  how do you take off/ replace the belt clip when the pump is in the
>case?  I need to use the belt clip and a case for protection during work.
>Does MiniMed make better cases that can be used with the belt clip, but
>still sturdy enough to protect the pump?  What are other people's

It sounds to me like your case is slightly deficient in dimensions. I am
able to slide my 508 with spring belt clip attached into the standard
leather case. It's a tight squeeze but the stitching has never broken. If I
were you I would contact Minimed and explain what has happened. I think they
owe you a replacement leather case.

>Next question is about priming. I use the bent needle Quick Release infusion
>sets.  I suspend the pump and disconnect at the QR site for showers.  I
>insert the rubber stopper in the tubing still connected to the pump and
>leave it.  When I return to reconnect the two pieces of tubing should I
>prime the pump and if so how much?  I was wondering if the insulin stays put
>in each separate tubing or if it runs out and priming needs to be done to
>take up the slack of insulin in the tubing.

When I disconnect (QR) for showers I do not suspend, and I do not use the
stopper that is supplied with the set (MMT-165). I just leave the pump and
the tubing on the counter in my other bathroom. With the pump still running,
I only lose 0.1 or 0.2 units. Before I reconnect I "prime" 0.5 unit by
programming a bolus of 0.5. I don't use the Prime screen for these small
primes, only for the full 5.0 unit primes when I change infusion sets. I
don't recall whether the specification of 0.5 unit for this prime is still
in the documentation that is packed with the MMT-165 infusion sets, but I
originally got it from documentation that was packed with the sets. I'm not
sure but I'm under the impression that Suspend requires more of a prime than
if the pump is left running.

>I really need to know this next question.  How loose are the driver arms and
>the silver "J" hook that keeps the resevoir neck in place when using a full
>(300 units) resevoir suppose to be?  Mine seem to be loose. When using the
>resevoir converter, the resevoir is snuggle and does not move at all.  When
>I use a full resevoir, it seems like the neck is always coming  out and I
>have to pop it back in place.  Is this typical or do I need to worry?
>Someone said that as long as the door on the resevoir shuts properly, the
>resevoir can and will move and not to worry...is this true?  This is really
>bothering me and I take a lot of insulin and using the resevoir converter is
>not logical for me, but it does keep the resevoir snug.  What is the census
>on this?

I removed the reservoir converter and have never used it with either the 506
or 508. The "J" hook seems to be tight enough, since I haven't been
experiencing the problem you describe. I think you need to talk to the
"right" person at Minimed, i.e., someone who is themself a pumper and can
appreciate the effect of inaccurate delivery of insulin. If you get a chance
to go to a Diabetes Expo or a pump support group where Minimed has a
representative, try and get them to understand your concern. As far as the
door on the reservoir compartment is concerned, I have heard stories about
the unreliability of that door, altho I have never had a problem with mine.

>My last question is about Humalog insulin.  I started using it a month ago
>and have gained A LOT of weight!!!  Has anyone else experienced this?

I have been taking insulin since 1942 and Humalog since shortly after it
became available. For me it has never been a problem as far as weight gain
is concerned. But YMMV.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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