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[IP] Not liking a rep

>>>I've pretty much ruled them out because they weren't really interested in
earning my business, but every salesperson is different, so you may bave
better luck.>>>

The above is something important to keep in mind. For instance, if you don't
like a particular bank, why? Is it because of the interior decorations? The
brick placement on the outside? Wrong color carpeting? Probably you had a
teller who wasn't friendly, made a mistake, or some kind of human error -
setting aside any ATM charges, etc. to take into account. BUT, the point is,
the bank is inhuman, it's the people or person and we do have personality
conflicts at times.

I have used MiniMed since '92 and will stay with them. My rep has never
contacted me nor trained me. In fact, I saw the rep a few months ago at a
meeting and I suggested joining IP and I was told to be verrrrry careful
what I learn from the internet. I was warned of the dangers in what I'm
doing.  HA!  I have learned more from the 'net about pumping in the last 3
yrs than I did my first 15 years from local medical professionals. YMMV

The nice thing about standards, there is enough for everyone to have their
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