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Re: [IP] Any happy Paradigmers out there?

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From: "Jayne Drowns" <email @ redacted>

> but some of the problems I've seen talked about are kind of bogus (or at
> least I think so), like the U100/U50 problem (if anyone ever makes that
> mistake it is going to be very few and far between, after you've changed
> your set a half dozen times, it is so ingrained that you're using
> one your using, you just couldn't pick the wrong one...).

You can only speak about it ''being so ingrained'' as to preclude a mis-take
with respect to yourself.

What is more significant for me is that it reflects on the downright
stupidity of those who designed this pump. The insulin strength should be in
the utilities menu, since it hardly require resetting every few days.
I suspect that the pump was originally designed with the intention of
supplying pre-filled syringes with U-200 Humalog, which would have a nice
little earner for Medtronic-MiniMed. The fact that HumaLog is not as good a
choice as NovoLog for pump use had, i suppose, not yet been recognized when
they began designing the Paradox.
The current implementation of the Paradigm to me suggests a degree of
arrogance and a cavalier attitude  towards product liability and customer
safety that it rare given current consumer protection legislation and cost
of settlements.  The fact that the pump has FDA approval does less to
reassure me about the merits of the product than it does to undermine my
confidence in the significance of FDA approval. I am glad that I do not have
any investments in the companies providing insurance cover for MM.

And FWIW it don't think Disetronic are perfect either. I think it is a
natural human tendency (and one which is exploited by marketing
professionals) to defend one's choices. I think the manufacturers are all
doing better in terms of profitability and revenues than they deserve and I
certainly don't think I owe any of them a debt a gratitude.

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