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RE: [IP] Any happy Paradigmers out there?

I have not had the chance to read the Digest for a few days, and I was dismayed to see all the
Paradigm bashing going on. 
I LOVE MY PARADIGM.  I have had it the longest amount of time possible (unless you work for MM) -
mine was shipped on the first day that they were available.
It is my third MM pump.  I started 6 1/2 years ago with a 506.  I had a 507 for 4 years, until
this Feb. when I got my Paradigm.  I have never had a pump failure with any of my MM pumps.  I
have only needed to call customer service once, and that was about site aborption, not about a
pump problem.
The reservoir on the Paradigm works fine for me - I only use 20 to 25 units a day.  I have had no
problems with the way the reservoir attaches to the sets, or with the fact that when I prime I
have to press a button to say 'yes' to the question about whether I am using U100 insulin.  I have
had no problem changing batteries.  It takes way less than 30 seconds to change it.  I don't know
why everyone is making such a big deal about the settings being erased if you take to long to
change the batteries, that is ALSO TRUE ON THE 508.  I was at a pump meeting very recently where
someone walked in with her 508 alarming, she changed the batteries, but she had waited so long
that all the memory in her pump was erased.  So it's not just the Paradigm that does that.
What I like about the Paradigm:
The menu system that lets me easilly find the screen I want.
The four line display that let's me review my basal settings, my bolus history, without being in
edit mode (just being in review mode).  The prime history and battery history screens that let me
see the dates those activites took place.
Filling the reservoir is easier and results in fewer (if any) bubbles to deal with.
The lack of clicking when I bolus.
Scrolling through numbers quickly when setting a bolus (just hold the arrow down and it moves very
The Easy Bolus key which allows me to bolus without looking at the pump.  
The remote control which lets me bolus without touching the pump.
It's waterproof - I wear it in the shower.
There's probably more, but that's what I can think of for now.

I especially wish the people who have not even seen one would stop bashing it.  

The only reason I can think of NOT to upgrade your 508s is if you use too much insulin to manage
with the smaller reservoir.  The most I have been able to fill it after priming 42 inch tubing was


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