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Re: [IP] Re: Jim and diabetic heart attacks

At 10:46 AM 5/21/2002 Barbara Pancari wrote:
 >This knowledge makes me want to stop testing, being careful with food, etc.
 >so that I can get it over with. Of what benefit is an improved ha1c if the
 >body is doomed anyway?  What a disheartening statistic from an individual
 >who provides such quality information to the Digest.

Just because daily commuters may have a higher than normal probability of 
dying in a car accident, doesn't make me want to walk around in the middle 
of the freeway. Because I know the risks, I can plan to do what I can to 
reduce those risks. I've already had a mild heart attack and a quintuple 
by-pass. I take all my medications and try to eat right, to hang on as long 
as I can. Although there are never any guarantees in life, one should 
always try their best to keep the odds in their favor.

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