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Re: [IP] Paridigm Upgrade unwarrented stomping on minimed

As with any mechanical device,  there is no 100% guarantee that it will not 

Let's use the automobile as an example.  If you owned a honda and after a few 
years,  something broke or malfunctioned, does that mean that all hondas like 
yours are unreliable?  I don't think so!

I have had my 508 for 3 years and have only had one problem where I had to send 
my pump into Minimed.  Static discharge got my pump.  I called MM @ 6:30 PM and 
had a replacement by 10:00 AM the next morning.   I have had nothing but 
wonderful experiences with MiniMed.  I just wish the Paradigm had a larger 

Thank You......Drive Through

Andy Johnson
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