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Re: [IP] Re: Jim and diabetic heart attacks

> Jim -
> Thanks for the encouraging news about diabetics being as likely to have a
> heart attack as a non-diabetic who's already had one....as if I didn't
> know, and as if I weren't waiting for it to happen every day of my life.
> : < (
> This knowledge makes me want to stop testing, being careful with food,
> so that I can get it over with. Of what benefit is an improved ha1c if the
> body is doomed anyway?  What a disheartening statistic from an individual
> who provides such quality information to the Digest.
> Barbara

Hey! Don't shoot the messenger!

This also happens to be a piece of high quality statistical information. It
is up to us to make good use of it.

I my case I fired my doctor when after repeated discussions he was not
interested in treating my slightly high (but "near normal") blood pressure
and my also slightly high (but according to him also "near normal")
cholesterol. Without the kind of information Jim provided (though in my case
I got it from a different source) I could have gone for years without
appropriate treatment.

Or to paraphrase my sentiments - Good job Jim. Thanks.

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