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RE: [IP] MiniMed 508 Questions....Priming, Case and Resevoir and Humalog

One bit of conventional wisdom that is valid is that all
>diabetics are heart patients.  The risk of having a heart attack in an
>otherwise healthy diabetic (not overweight, etc.) is the same as a
>non-diabetic who has already had one heart attack - IOW an otherwise 
>diabetic is approximately five times more likely to have a heart attack 
>a healthy non-diabetic.
>Jim Handsfield
>email @ redacted

Wait a minute!  Do you mean to tell me that my chances of having a heart 
attack this afternoon are the same as if I'd already had one???  Even if I'm 
a 32 yo female with great blood fat #s and low blood pressure?  Very 
disturbing.  Thanks a lot Jim.  (Not to blame the messanger or anything...)


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