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When my son first started pumping they gave us a book that had different
food groups.  Under fruits it lists watermellon as having 15 grams of carb
for 1 1/4 cups cubed.   It's a lot easier measuring it cubed than by a
slice.  Watermellon comes in all different sizes. 1/16th of one would not
equal 1/16th of another. So I just go by one and a quarter cups equals 15
carbs. I just bolus whatever his ratio is for 15 carbs.  One other thing.  I
was told not to give him fruit by itself as a snack because fruit has too
much natural sugar and reacts quicker. The CDE said to have it WITH a meal.
I'm sure some fruits react quicker than others.  I was told a ripe banana
reacts quicker than most fruits.  I'd think I'd keep in mind that each fruit
has a different glycemic number.
Mom to Johnny 9
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